Seasons of Mistress Lubyanka -Frontispiece

Note by the commissioner...

It is an honour beyond all others to be allowed to be called Her slave. As an act of homage and worship Her shalava wanted to offer a gift that reflected Mistress Lubyanka’s sublime beauty through the seasons of the year in settings reflecting Her Russian lineage.


The frontispiece shows Gaspazha standing, imperious, outside the sinister Lubyanka prison from which She chooses to take Her name. The building, the dreaded headquarters of the KGB, looms menacingly behind Her in the gloom of a cold Moscow evening, a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. Two slaves grovel on the icy cobbles, one female, gagged; the other male, hooded and blindfolded. They are a new gift for Mistress to play with and their heads are turned towards Her with fear and longing. Already they are collared and Mistress holds their leashes in Her hand. Behind Her the door to the Lubyanka is open, awaiting Her return to amuse Herself with Her new toys. Lights gleam in some of the windows – who knows what torture is occurring behind them even now as we view the scene outside?
The image is framed by long single-tailed whips and beneath, in art deco Cyrillic the words proclaim Her Majestic Name; Mistress Lubyanka!


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